This weeks service

Worship on 21 January 2018 will be led by Rev Robin Allison

The congregation are asked to stand as the Bible is placed into the pulpit.

Welcome and Intimations

Hymn 63 All people that on earth do dwell

Opening Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Hymn In Christ alone my hope is found

Bible Reading – Isaiah chapter 6 verses 1 to 8 and Matthew 28 verses 16 to 20

Hymn 251 I the Lord of sea and sky


Offering and Prayer of Dedication

Hymn 200 Christ is made the sure foundation

With all the Family of Elderslie Kirk

Closing Prayer

Hymn 419 Thine be the glory

As people of faith we have gathered for worship.

As people of faith we now return to the world.

Go out to share the story of faith,

the story of life, with the world around you.

We share the faith in word and in deed,

in speech and in action.

As you go out to give a living witness,

as you go out to testify to God's love active in the world,

go knowing that God goes with you,

sharing the laughter and the hope, the fears and the tears.

Thanks be to God!

Benediction and Threefold Amen

The congregation is asked to stand as the Bible is removed from the pulpit.

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