This weeks service

Worship on 24th September will be led by our minister, Rev Robin Allison

Havest Sunday

The congregation are asked to stand as the Bible is placed into the pulpit

Welcome and Intimations

The world is filled with the glory of God, and we say,

Thank you!

The hills and valleys are filled with colour, and we say,

Thank you!

The vines and trees are filled with fruit, and we say,

Thank you!

Our tables are overflowing with food, and we say,

Thank you!

Our life is filled with love of family and friends, and we say,

Thank you!

We fill this house of God with our voices, saying,

Thank you, God, as we enter into this service with thanksgiving and praise.

Hymn 233 Come you thankful people come

Opening Prayer

Holy, holy, holy;

my heart, my heart adores you!

My heart is glad to say the words,

“You are holy Lord”

1st Reading Deuteronomy chapter 26 verses 1 to 11

Hymn 243 Touch the earth lightly

Sermon (part 1)

“The giving”


Prayer of Dedication

2nd Reading John chapter 6 verses 25 to 35

Hymn 230 Praise God for the Harvest

Sermon (part 2)

“The gift”

Hymn 685 For everyone born

Prayers for the World

Our Father

give us this day our daily bread and

 forgive us for the times when

we take more than our share of the bread that belongs to all.

Let us help You fill the starving with good things,

not with scraps from our table.

Teach us how to share what is not ours to keep.

Clothe us with Your love that we may complete each

 Good work you created us to do.

Place in our hearts Your compassion for each starving child

and use our little acts of love so that they starve no more.


(Prayer supplied by Mary’s Meals)

Hymn 229 We plough the fields and scatter

May the God of peace go with us

As we travel from this place.

May the love of Jesus keep us

firm in hope and full of grace.

The Congregation are asked to stand as Bible is removed from Pulpit.

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