windowWhat can I expect from a service of worship at Elderslie Kirk?

So there you are heading across the road to the front door of Elderslie Kirk.

What can you expect to find?

Well, hopefully a warm welcome. Someone will give you a Hymn Book and a printed Order of Service. You can sit where you like – downstairs or up in the gallery.

Before the service the organist plays some quiet music as people gather and at 11am, after the Sunday School are brought through from the hall the choir process in followed by the Minister.

We stand as the Bible is placed in the Pulpit and then the Minister begins the service by welcoming folk and highlights some of the weekly intimations.

Then we sing and worship really begins…

There’s usually a talk for the Children.

A bible passage is also read to us as well which forms the basis of the sermon.

During the sermon the Minister usually goes to the Pulpit where he can see the whole congregation more easily.

Yes… there is an offering during worship too but what you give – and if you give – is totally up to you…

Why not come along some Sunday and see it for yourself. 

Visitors often comment on the relaxed atmosphere in Elderslie Kirk and the great singing!

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