fontSo you are interested in finding out about baptism in Elderslie Kirk?  You might be wondering what is involved.  Here are a few commonly asked questions to help you make up your mind.


Who can be baptised? Baptism is for both children and adults.  Sometimes parents wish their children to be baptised as babies and sometimes people come to us as adults who were never baptised in infancy. 

Can my child be baptised in Elderslie Kirk? If you are a member of Elderslie Kirk or a regular attendee of Elderslie Kirk then you are automatically entitled to have your child baptised in our church.  If you do not come to church we may still be able to help you, especially if you live in Elderslie or have a strong connection to our church.  The minister will discuss this with you and your reasons for wanting the baptism.

What promises will you ask me to make? We believe that baptism is the way in which we are welcomed into the life and fellowship of the church throughout the world and so the promises, or vows as we call them, are based on two questions as follows: firstly that you are willing to publicly profess your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and secondly that you are willing to commit to bringing your children up within the Christian faith.

What if I feel that I cannot make those promises? First of all we would admire you for your honesty as we have no wish to encourage people to make promises they have no intention of keeping.  However, you may still wish some form of Thanksgiving and Blessing for the birth of your child. In such cases you should discuss this with the minister.

What about Godparents? It’s nice to have the support of friends and family at this time but Godparents have not been part of Church of Scotland traditions. Should you choose to have them they will be warmly welcomed at the church but they have no vows to take.   

Okay I've read what you've said and I want to discuss this more. Who do I speak to? The minister is responsible for arranging all baptisms and blessings.  You can contact him by using the Contact-us form.  He will normally wish to meet with you to discuss baptism and from there to set a date. Please note that there is never any charge for a service of Baptism.

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